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pineapplelaplz has started a donation pool!
4 / 100,000

Today I need your help... In fact I need points... Exactly I need 100.000 points to buy god's power and to rule the world.

Imagine a world with a Pineapple-la God...

- Everybody would be looking like this :
:icontuxedoplz: so everybody would be FREAKIN' HOT !
- The rain would be removed and pineapples would fall of the sky so there would not be anyone dying of starvation on earth.
- The earth would be looking like a giant pineapple so all the ET's would be damn jealous.
- Every sports would be played with a pineapple instead of balls (Even golf would be fun !!!).
- The only allowed colors would be orange, yellow and green.
- Racism wouldn't exist 'cause everybody would be orange, yellow and green.
- For every kid who one day wished on leaving in a pineapple, their dream would come true.

Now, here are the reasons why you MUST give points.
- Because every donators receive a Pineapple hat (Really sexy)
- Because if you don't donate, the day that Pineapple-la become God, you will go directly to Watermelon's hell. (Watermelon is EVIL)
- Because Pineapple-la rocks
- Because Pineapples are sexy
- Because only donators would be able to have kids
- Because you want to have pineapples kids
- Because Pineapple-la God will eat your mum
- Because you really want to be have a Pineapple-la face
- Because every donator will receive a llama (Llamas are sexy, but not as pineapples)
- Because you want the ET's to be jealous
- Because if you dont donate, Pineapple God will hate you, and he will eat you afterwards. (Because Pineapple God loves to eat what he hates.)
- Because you like Pam's nipples.
- Because you LOL'ed at my joke about Pam's nipples.
- Because you have or like nipples (wich covers the most of the population)
- Because for every point you donate, you will receive a pineapple lolipop. (YUMMY)
- Because if you don't, you will feel sad for the rest of your life, thinking about Pineapple's heaven.

Please pineapple lovers, a world like that is possible !! YOU CAN DO IT !! YOUR DESTINY WILL DEPEND ON THIS CHOICE !!!
Thank you for donating people, and remember, PINEAPPLE IS SEXXY !!!!!
Please ask my new account, :iconlazy-bear: (:icondusk-likes-hot-dogs: is dead), for llamas, pineapple hats and pineapple lolipops.


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Hey every body ! I'm glad too see that lots of people like my emoticon. You can see it right here : dusk-likes-hot-dogs.deviantart…

So, Thank you soooo much every body, and remember, eat pineapple every days !! Ok ? :iconchompplz:

Thanks to my awesome creator... :icondusk-likes-hot-dogs: !!
Love him as I lov him :iconpinkheartplz:

  • Mood: Drooling
  • Watching: Pineapple Express
  • Eating: Pineapple juice
  • Drinking: Guess...


Juda Nanas

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